Neglecting Asbestosis May Be Fatal; Seeking Legal Counsel can Help

The workers at any construction, shipyard or even manufacturing industry are highly prone to be afflicted with the disease known as Abestosis , where there is excessive exposure to asbestos. The asbestos fibers present in the asbestos- heavy industries, are easily absorbed by the body and are carcinogenic in nature. Hence, all those people who are surrounded by asbestos, whether at home or work place, are liable to be affected by this disease.

Scar tissues around the lungs, on inhaling the fibers of the asbestos, ruin the integrity of the cells. This disease proves to be fatal only if it is not diagnosed at the correct time or if proper treatment is not administered to the affected patient. Otherwise, recent researches have revealed that if routine care is taken, the life chances are quite wide.

Diagnosing Asbestosis is quite difficult because its symptoms are quite similar to other ailments such as pneumoconiosis. It is therefore better; to always take a second opinion if your doctor has diagnosed you with Asbestosis. While examining for Asbestosis, a doctor usually does several x-rays to check of any kind of scarring tissues around the lungs, and also thoroughly tests the breathing of his patient for any kind of abnormality.

People who are hit by this disease at their work place are eligible to file a case against their employer, based on the fact that their health is being subjected to a malignant disease while working. Such cases can be filed under the able guidance of attorney John Mismas. 

Though it is not as harmful as mesothelioma, yet it is not something that should be neglected once it has been diagnosed. More and more workers, over the years are expected to be affected with the disease of Asbestosis. It is one of those diseases which remain dormant for a long time. It is thus advisable, to act not only upon this immediately; but also to file a case against the employer instantly.

John Mismas is the perfect person to go to if any worker has been faced with such challenging situations. A specialized attorney associated with Mismas law firm, the attorney is extremely well read on his subject and knows the laws at the back of his hand. Under his guidance one is sure to get his rightful claim.

The unavailability of early diagnosis of Asbestosis makes it even more dreadful. With constant research doctors are trying very hard to find a cure for this dreadful ailment. The doctors have however not given up the hope and expect to find a remedy very soon. Proper following of doctor’s orders along with a thorough insight about these diseases is the correct method of treating Asbestosis.

Medical advances, in the recent times have however made claims of being able to make the life of Asbestosis affected patients less susceptible to death. A person’s lifestyle is nonetheless, largely responsible for the severity of the diseases; and there is no two ways about the fact that a healthy lifestyle along with proper medication, is sure to lengthen the life chances of any individual.

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