Medicaid Lawyers

Getting on Medicaid used to be easy.

Nowadays you have to apply, get denied, and then find a Medicaid lawyer in Monmouth County.

Sometimes that alone can seem confusing.

Read on to learn what the requirements to get on Medicaid are, why it is harder to get approved now, and how to find the best Medicaid lawyer in Ocean County or Monmouth County.


Medicaid is a federally funded and run program for the elderly (over 65) and people who are blind, pregnant, under 18, responsible for a child under 17, disabled, or caring for a family member in your house with a disability.

You must be a resident of your state and a United States citizen or legal alien.

There are income limits to get Medicaid as well, which can become pretty complex depending on if you own a car, home, burial plot, life insurance, or you have other non-countable sources of income.

This can be even more complex if you are applying for institutional benefits and if you’re married.

All in all, you must be categorized as low income or very low income to be eligible and unable to get other forms of health insurance.

Applying for Medicaid in New Jersey has been called a tortuous process, and is known to be a maze of paperwork and requirements.

Why would I need a lawyer?

When you apply for Medicaid nowadays it is common to get denied the first time.

You can be denied if they believe your disability is not true or a qualifying one, or if they believe you are not financially eligible, even if you are actually eligible.

It could take between forty-five and ninety-five days for your application to even be processed.

With the long wait times for processing and the fact that you may be denied the first time, it is suggested that you treat applying for Medicaid as you would estate planning — plan ahead.

Hiring a lawyer to help you plan getting on Medicaid is a valuable first step that can save you time, money, and stress.

A lawyer can help you understand the application process and walk you through the next steps if you do get a denial letter.

Some lawyers can even help you ensure you are financially eligible by setting up trusts that cannot be counted as income on your application — therefore making some of your assets non-countable.

Finding the best lawyer

When you believe you need a Medicaid lawyer in Monmouth County to help you plan to apply, protect your assets, or appeal your denial letter, do your research to find the best one.

Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they know of a good lawyer.

Look online for elder, estate, or Medicaid lawyers.

Check the peer reviews and testimonies from previous clients to see their quality.

Ask how much they would charge for their services, and what is included, to ensure you can afford it, and they will be able to solve your issue.

Talk to them about your case and what you require from them.

No matter if you are simply planning to apply for Medicaid or you need help getting approved, a Medicaid lawyer in Ocean County is your best tool to successfully get approved without stress.

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