Top 5 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Houston, Texas!

There’s no doubt about it that contacting a criminal defense attorney is one of the last calls you ever really want to make, but when you find yourself in legal trouble it makes an entire world of difference when you’re working with an experienced, highly-recognized attorney within your local area. 

We’re very lucky to have partnered with an extremely reputable Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer to help us compile this list of the top defense options within the Houston-Metro area. Houston is of course a massive city with a decent amount of consistent crimes, and subsequent wrongful accusations. By going through this brief list of attorneys you’ll be able to weed out the law firms that you’re better off ignoring, which can exponentially help cut down your hiring decision research time!

So here are the top 5 criminal defense attorneys in Houston:

The Mario Madrid Law Firm

Mario Madrid has been a dedicated criminal defense attorney throughout Houston and the surrounding areas for over two decades, and throughout his career he has been able to garner one of the city’s best reputations in terms of confronting the Texas criminal justice system and ensuring the best results for all of this clients. 

Madrid as a track record like none other within the Houston area, which is why countless clients refer Madrid to their friends and family as the go-to source if you’re ever in legal trouble. Criminal defense law is one of the most grandiose and thorough legal fields, which is why you should only entrust defense experts like Mario Madrid when it comes to your hiring decisions. 

Law Office of Stacy M. Allen

Miss Allen is one of the top defense attorneys in Houston, and although she’s a bit younger than some of her competitors it doesn’t mean her lack of experience should shy you away from her legal services. She’s an aggressive defense attorney who has time after time shown that she is a rising star within Houston’s legal sphere. 

Miss Allen is also well known for her responsiveness and overall customer attention. You’ll never feel like you’re stretching her schedule thin because she’s a master at her own time management and customer satisfaction. She’s a great, up-and-coming defense attorney in Houston that will surely rise up the ranks in years to come! 

Hanten & Associates, PLLC 

This law firm has received a lot of online reviews, which is always a good sign in terms of better understanding what it’s like to work with this team from a more objective perspective. There’s a lot that goes into the complexity of working with a larger defense law firm like this one, but Mr. Hanten has been well-known throughout the Houston area in terms of defending his clients aggressively against false accusations, and lessening certain judgments to assist in the overall satisfaction of each of his clients.

Hanten & Associates have become a renowned law firm throughout Houston for a reason, and they’re constantly in high demand. 

The Napier Law Firm, PLLC 

Mr. Napier is a relatively newcomer to the Houston defense law scene, but he’s quickly become one of the very best in the city even with his general lack of experience, comparatively. We like to feature rising stars when we create these types of hiring recommendations, and that’s because we know that working with a defense attorney with a “chip on his shoulder” or with “something to prove” always goes a long way. 

You won’t have to worry about any kind of complacency when you hire this firm!

Ayson Law Firm 

Brian Ayson is definitely a considerable factor when it comes to making defense attorney hiring decisions within the Houston-Metro area, and this is primarily because Mr. Ayson has a lot of experience within the area and handling Texas criminal cases. 

He also just so happens to be a really great guy to work with who has left countless clients fully satisfied with their case results. Transparency and availability are always big factors when hiring an attorney, and Mr. Ayson has proven over and over again that he’s a reliable source who will always be available to you.

There are a lot of reasons why someone may need a criminal defense attorney, so use this list to continue your research in terms of finding the best criminal law expert within Houston and the surrounding areas!

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